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corporate health management (CHM)

“The way a society organizes work, working conditions, and leisure time should be a source of health and not illness.”
(Ottawa Charter, World Health Organization, 1986, p. 3)

When it comes to maintaining the working ability and health of employees in an environment of technical development, structural changes, and increasing demands on work, corporate health policies play a key role. The TU Berlin’s staff members are the most important factor for the university’s success. That is why the TU Berlin’s health management and health promotion has the goal of encouraging staff members’ healthy behaviors and eliminating things that affect health negatively in the workplace.

What does corporate health management (CHM) mean?


The university’s health management steers and integrates operational processes in an effort to maintain and promote the staff’s health and well-being. CHM includes occupational safety, integration management, and health promotion.

The objectives of CHM are to promote the staff’s health and well-being. The staff’s work satisfaction and thus also their performance can be increased, and a health-conscious work and management culture can be encouraged.

The TU Berlin already has many different programs for health promotion, for example the continuing education offers, TU Sport, the University Physician Service, and the Family Office. To find and implement additional health promotion measures and evaluate their effects, the TU Berlin’s health management is being given a higher priority.




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